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BSD Stroller Innovation

BSD stands for "Baby Specific Design". Our design team works with one focus in mind: your baby. We know a happy baby makes for a happy Mom (oh, and Dad too!)

Tike Tech's new All Terrain X3 Sport and CityX3 strollers are packed with technical breakthroughs. Freedom defines the magic of Tike Tech's NEW various BSD stroller innovations which marries multiple Tike Tech stroller design advancements all coming together to offer the best in stroller performance and durability.

* All Tike Tech innovations below are proprietary to Tike Tech and place our new strollers among the elite of all strollers.

Independent Frame Damping IFD Shox

Tike Tech introduces IFD Shox. This system dampens unwanted vibrations at wheel impact creating a totally smooth ride. This is the way to go when it comes to stroller shock systems. Strategically placed at the closest point of "vibration impact" this system provides no rattle, no jiggling, no fuss or adjustments needed, just one super smooth ride.

Quick Adjustable Tracking (QAT) System

On the fly quick adjusting front wheel tracking helps to keep your stroller tracking straight.

Infant Compatibility (IC) System

Tike Tech strollers are designed to accept many great stroller accessories including foot muffs, bassinets, all season covers, water bottle holders and car seat adapters. Tike Tech is truly an infant friendly stroller!

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